Transmission of Your Supporting Documentation

We will need to see your background documents in order to thoroughly advise you, so after retaining us (not before please, since we will not yet have set up your file), you should electronically transmit copies of supporting documents by email or by fax to (832) 201-5327 Please do not send us original documents in the physical mail. Emailed documents should be sent as standard attachments in pdf, Word, or WordPerfect. Use our general office email address,

Please provide only documents that are directly relevant to your case. Sending us a hundred-page title company file when we’ve requested only a three-page warranty deed would be an example to avoid. This adds to download and handling time and could increase your fees. Also, for reasons of legibility and clarity, please avoid jpeg or i-phone photos of documents.

And we always appreciate it when a client provides us with a concise summary of the facts plus a list of specific questions, if any.

We ask that you not impose barriers to accessing documents such as passwords or encryption; attachments that cannot be downloaded or printed; or requiring that we first go to a third-party document site, obtain a password, etc. As you might imagine, a real estate law office works with dozens of emailed documents daily. We need immediate and easy access to these documents to do our job. If you are not comfortable with the security of this process, then you may wish to consider consulting another law firm, at their offices, where you can present your documents in person. Ask and we will gladly supply a list of recommended alternative attorneys across Texas.