Texas Business Law

As a Houston LLC attorney and Texas business lawyer with an emphasis on real estate, our firm is called upon to develop strategies and transactional documentation for dealing with purchasers, sellers, lenders, title companies, and the occasional plaintiff who is suing a client of ours. Generally, we consider simplicity to be a virtue, but are capable of devising highly creative solutions as circumstances require.

Business Structures and Strategies

Asset protection strategies for Texas real estate investors

Entity structures to minimize liability (see graphics)

LLCs, Partnerships, and Joint Ventures

Traditional LLCs and series LLCs in Texas and Nevada

General partnerships, limited partnerships, and joint ventures

Anonymity companies and anonymity trusts

Re-documentation, update, and upgrade of existing client entities

Modifications, amendments, and conversions of entities

Registered agent services (includes annual updates)

Texas Business Documents

Texas business contracts of all types

Formation and operating documents for LLCs, partnerships, and joint ventures

Transactional documentation

Property management agreements

Confidentiality and non-compete agreements

Employment and independent contractor agreements

Licensing agreements including intellectual property

Letters of intent and loan agreements

Notes, security agreements, and participation agreements

Assignments and bills of sale

Management and consulting agreements

Texas Business Transactions

Purchase and sale of Texas businesses

Loan documentation for borrowers, lenders, and venture capital

Purchase and sale of commercial real estate

Meeting requirements of title companies and lenders

Transfer of ownership of LLCs, corporations, and partnerships

Sale and assignment documents

Business Disputes

Demand/notice/reply letters and negotiation of business disputes

Mediation and out-of-court settlement/release agreements

General business litigation

Consumer litigation including DTPA

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“David J. Willis is an expert in the field of asset protection. He provided excellent legal advice to me on several issues. The online process that David’s law firm utilizes is very easy to use and David responded to my questions very quickly. I am a lawyer but have no expertise whatsoever in this area of law. I will continue to be a client of David’s in the future and I highly recommend him.”