Texas Registered Agent

We are available to serve as Texas registered agent for your LLC. Using our attorney as registered agent is a good choice since:

(1) our attorney can tell you what you have received and what to do about it – a commercial registered agent can only say “talk to your attorney;”

(2) the attorney-client privilege extends to an attorney acting in the capacity of registered agent, which can be important for asset protection;

(3) a well-known attorney as your registered agent delivers the message that you have legal counsel and are ready to defend your assets in the event of a lawsuit; and

(4) in the case of this firm, no-charge annual meeting minutes, along with updates to the company agreement as they may occur, are available upon request.

For all of the above reasons, you may want to consider naming this firm as your registered agent. Annual fees are $250.

LLC Registered Agent Services

Texas LLC registered agent services are limited in scope to (1) accepting service of process if the LLC is sued; (2) forwarding official mail (not mass or junk mailings) from the Secretary of State and Texas Comptroller; and (3) forwarding formal notice and demand letters from attorneys or claimants.

Note that a registered agent is not a general mail forwarder. You should maintain a business address for bank statements, personal correspondence, credit card bills, HOA notices, property tax statements from appraisal districts, utility bills, magazines, and the like. We do not forward these items. A mailbox at a UPS store is a good choice since they offer other useful services as well.

Items may be forwarded to the client by email or U.S. mail. We are granted permission, if necessary, to open correspondence to determine whether or not the item is something that should be forwarded.


In the event a client is sued, our duty as registered agent is to forward a copy of the lawsuit to the client. It is then the client’s duty to obtain representation in the case and timely file an original answer. If the client does not do this, we do not become the client’s attorney by default. There are potentially dozens of events in a lawsuit that involve sending notices. Unless we are also retained as attorney of record in the case, we do not have a duty to continue forwarding these supplemental lawsuit notices. Our obligations as registered agent cease when we forward the original petition in the lawsuit.


A registered agent is not a substitute for having a business address for general mail purposes.

Our registered agent fee is not a retainer for legal services although we remain ready to be of service as circumstances may require.

Registered agent services do not include signing or filing the comptroller’s annual public information report (PIR) or preparing tax returns (either federal taxes or the Texas franchise tax return). We do not offer tax advice. Please engage a competent CPA to handle your taxes. We ask all our clients to have a CPA on their team.

Our services as registered agent are Texas state-level only (There is no such thing as a registered agent at the federal level). Our services do not interfacing with the IRS or any other federal agencies. Please do not list our firm or our address with these agencies.

Stay in Touch

If we are acting as registered agent, it is essential that the client keep contact information up to date, especially the email address. If mail to the Company or client is returned as undeliverable, and the file does not reflect any other address for the client, we are permitted to resign as registered agent.

Thank you for considering our firm as your registered agent.

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