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Real Estate Consultations & Documents

Real estate consultations

Residential and commercial real estate documents

Real estate contracts

Closing documents: Texas warranty deeds, real estate lien notes, deeds of trust, leases, liens and lien releases, assignments, options, affidavits, powers of attorney, etc.

Deeding Property to an LLC

Co-ownership and percentage deeds

Seller financing in Texas

Dodd-Frank/SAFE Act compliance (excluding RMLO)

Creative real estate documents for real estate investors

“Subject to” contracts and closing documents

Wholesaling: sale and assignment of Texas contracts

Wraparounds in Texas

Assumption transactions in Texas

Leases and assignments of leases

Lien release against the Texas homestead

Texas homestead protections

Affidavits of heirship

Affidavits of adverse possession

Equity stripping for asset protection

David Willis with Rita Santamaria, Owner of Champions, Real Estate Schools

David Willis with Rita Santamaria, Owner of Champions, Real Estate Schools

Representation in Real Estate Transactions

Our preferred approach to real estate transactions is to represent buyers and sellers in the entire transaction, from contract through closing. This is the traditional way that real estate lawyers have worked with their buyer and seller clients. It ensures that the client’s interests are fully represented throughout the process. Our services include:

Comprehensive representation from contract through closing

Residential and commercial real estate

Title commitment/Schedule C issues

Buyer due diligence

“As is” protection for sellers

Seller disclosure in Texas real estate

Avoiding deceptive trade practices

Due-on-sale issues

Meeting title company requirements

Meeting lender requirements

Environmental hazards & indemnity

Joint Tenancy with Survivorship

Partition of Texas real estate

Buying and selling real estate notes

FinCEN compliance (beneficial ownership rules)

Hard-money lending in Texas

Special-purpose entity formation

Assumed names in Texas real estate

Anonymity strategies in Texas real estate

Our attorney is also a real estate broker – see IABS

In Texas, the contract controls the transaction, rights and remedies of the parties, special requirements for closing, and closing documents including the deed. After signing, the opportunity for an attorney to modify the contract to the client’s advantage has been lost, which may disadvantage the client for the remainder of the transaction.

Accordingly, we may decline cases where the contract has already been signed. Clients who are accepted for limited legal services after contract signing will be asked to indemnify us against liability for errors and omissions made in the contract.

Real Estate Trusts

Living trusts for the homestead and estate planning

Land trusts for real estate investors

Anonymity to enhance asset protection

Trusts used in conjunction with anonymity LLC formation

South Dakota trusts

Entity Structuring for Real Estate Investments

Entity-structuring consultation

Texas, Nevada, and Wyoming LLCs

Traditional and series LLCs

General partnerships, limited partnerships, and joint ventures

View graphics of asset protection structures

Established Shelf Companies

Registered agent services

Our online legal expertise saves valuable time while preserving first-rate quality.

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“I found David to be a very knowledgeable and professional attorney who has a wealth of experience in real estate legal matters. He runs a very efficient and professional practice and it was a very pleasant experience working with his firm. The best part about working with him was how responsive he is and that he always responds to emails directly himself. Highly recommended!”

“I hired David Willis to help review all the paperwork for my parents when they sold their home. The email based sign up and review process was extremely efficient and each request I sent was handled very quickly. David worked closely with the real estate agents and verified that everything was in order before my parents signed any of the documents. He also arranged for a special clause to be added to both the contract and warranty deed that added extra legal protection in the deal. I selected the “full representation” option and feel it was worth it for the thoroughness and peace of mind factors.”