Online Consultations

Online Consultations Available

If you are undecided about which action to take, need to discuss your legal options, or require legal advice and information before you can proceed, then a paid consultation with our attorney is your best first step. Initial consultations may now be handled online, by email, supplemented by an optional phone call. We are usually available to begin promptly after we receive payment, a summary of basic facts, and copies of supporting documents, if any. No appointment is needed to begin the process.

Types of Consultations

Residential Real Estate Consultation (up to 1 hour): $275 online, $375 in-office. This category pertains to one’s personal homestead, not investment or commercial properties. This fee excludes asset protection matters resulting from a judgment or pending or threatened litigation. See below for options in these areas.

Commercial/Investor/General Business Consultation (up to 1 hour): $350 online, $450 in-office. This category pertains to investment properties and commercial properties.

Entity-Structuring Consultation (up to 2 hours): $550 online, $750 in-office. This category pertains to clients who want an in-depth exploration of different options for developing or improving an asset protection structure. Not available to those in pending or threatened litigation – see asset protection review below.

Asset Protection Review (up to 2 hours): APR fees are $750 for issues up to $600,000; $600,000 to $1.1M – $850; $1.1M to $5M – $1,500; in excess of $5M – $2,500. This is our minimum level of asset protection consultation in cases of judgments or pending or threatened litigation. Available online only.

We offer many more legal services at flat fees. Go to our comprehensive fee schedule which includes our terms of service that apply to all clients. Note that while we strive to adhere to our posted flat fees, not every client situation fits within the standard framework. In cases that are more complex or extensive we may instead offer a retainer option or an hourly rate ($375 with a two-hour minimum).

Process for Online Consultations

Our online process has proven very popular with clients, because it is unrushed and the client has a written email record of the legal advice given. We are an email-oriented office, so our online consultations consist of an email back-and-forth dialogue between attorney and client which may be supplemented by a follow-up phone call if necessary. We’ll need a concise email summary of the facts of the case and a list of any questions the client may have, along with background documents, if any. Our attorney’s objective is to first gather basic facts and documents, after which he can offer a legal opinion, answer questions, and advise on suggested options.

The maximum available attorney time is one hour or two hours (depending on the type of consultation involved—see consultation types above, some of which allow for one hour and others for two) which may be spread over up to three calendar days, after which the consultation automatically concludes. By way of explanation, this is not a “three-day consultation.” Our policy permits a consultation to be spread over that period of time, up to the maximum allowable attorney time, in order to facilitate thorough Q&A with the client.

Availability and Response Time

We are generally available on business days during normal office hours (CST). Our response time for online consultation questions (and most online document preparation projects) is usually one to two business days from the time we receive advance payment and all necessary information from the client—but there can be some variation depending on our backlog. No appointment is required to begin the process, although phone calls do require an appointment on a business day during normal business hours (CST).

Advance Payment Required

Advance payment is required for both online and in-office services (we do not send bills after the fact). In the case of online consultations and document preparation, files go into our queue in the order in which payment is made. We do not open a file or save attachments until payment is made, so please wait until after you have retained us to send documents and attachments, as there will be no file to put them in. For in-office appointments, payment must be received before the appointment goes onto the attorney’s calendar.

We offer a variety of available payment options including credit/debit and Paypal, as well as wire transfer and direct deposit to our operating account at Wells Fargo. If you would like to have a no-obligation itemized statement prior to making payment, we will gladly provide one.

Transmission of Your Supporting Documentation

After retaining us (not before please, since we will not yet have set up your file), please send copies of supporting documents by email or fax to (832) 201-5327. We will need to see these in order to thoroughly advise you. Please supply only documents that are directly relevant to your legal issues.

Next Steps

Please go to our contact page and complete the Client Inquiry Form.  We will need a concise summary of your situation, including the following:  What is your case about, briefly? Who are the parties involved? Where does it occur? In Texas? Which city or county? When does it occur—what is the timeframe/timeline? Why are you seeking legal assistance? A consultation? Document preparation?

When you inquire, we will be glad to tell you if we can handle your case and quote a fee. You will then have the option of proceeding with paid legal services if you wish. We can also generate a no-obligation itemized statement for you upon request.

Our initial response will be preliminary and general in nature and not a thorough analysis or formal legal opinion upon which anyone may rely. We do not represent you as your attorney until payment is made and we accept the case.

Thank you for your interest in our law firm. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Our online legal expertise saves valuable time while preserving first-rate quality.

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