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Houston Texas real estate attorney David J. Willis offers real estate law services online at competitive fees.

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Consultations, LLC formation, investor transactions, and business documents available online.

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Make a plan to defend your assets from lawsuits and judgments. Start with an Asset Protection Review.


Thank you for visiting LoneStarLandLaw.com, the website of David J. Willis Attorney & Broker of Houston, Texas. We represent buyers, sellers, and investors in Texas real estate transactions, prepare a wide variety of documents for businesses, and create comprehensive plans for the protection of our clients’ assets.

Our goal is the prompt delivery of high-quality custom services and documentation with an emphasis on creative solutions and asset protection. More than a traditional law firm, we also offer a full range of legal services online.

Read our 185+ five-star Google Reviews and our 50+ articles on Texas real estate law, Texas business law, and asset protection in Texas, then contact us with a description of your case.

Review our qualifications and experience as well as the process for online consultations and a list of available legal services and fees.

“Nice dealing with an expert! Mr. Willis answered all my questions the same day. Being able to do everything online saved us numerous trips to office. His book is very helpful also.”

Online Services Available

Consultations and most routine document preparation tasks may now be handled online without the need for an office visit. We have assisted over a thousand online clients (in addition to decades of office practice) and the feedback we receive is quite positive.

Our online consultation process has proven efficient and popular with clients because it is unrushed, there is ample opportunity for Q&A, and the client has a written email record of advice given. A follow-up phone or video call is available if needed.

“I’m an old school kind of guy so I prefer face-to-face meetings but David was only available for an online appointment when I needed him . . . . and I couldn’t be happier. David was thorough and prompt in his responses and the process was very smooth, informative, and educational.”

Faraad Mohamed

Texas Real Estate Lawyer

David J. Willis is a double board-certified Texas real estate lawyer on the cutting edge of the intersection of real estate law and asset protection. The innovative concepts and methods described in his book Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors are changing the ways investors structure their Texas real estate investments.

Our Book: Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors

“The most important real estate book you will ever read!”

“David offers a wealth of sage advice with keen insights.”

Texas Real Estate Law and Asset Protection 2022 Edition Book

2022 Edition – 592 Pages

“As an attorney I am familiar with David Willis’ expertise in real estate. If David wrote it, you can depend on it! I highly recommend David’s book.”

“This book is amazing! Many great tips and creative solutions.”

Real Estate Consultations & Documents

Real estate consultations

Residential and commercial real estate documents

Texas earnest money contracts (TREC and TAR): review, comment, and custom addenda

Closing documents: Texas warranty deeds, real estate lien notes, deeds of trust, leases, liens and lien releases, assignments, options, affidavits, powers of attorney, etc.

Deeding Property to an LLC

Co-ownership and percentage deeds

Seller financing in Texas

Dodd-Frank/SAFE Act compliance (excluding RMLO)

Creative real estate documents for real estate investors

“Subject to” contracts and closing documents

Wholesaling: sale and assignment of Texas contracts

Wraparounds in Texas

Assumption transactions in Texas

Leases and assignments of leases

Lien release against the Texas homestead

Texas homestead protections

Affidavits of heirship

Affidavits of adverse possession

Equity stripping for asset protection

Representation in Real Estate Transactions

Comprehensive representation from contract through closing

Residential and commercial real estate

Title commitment/Schedule C issues

Buyer due diligence

“As is” protection for sellers

Seller disclosure in Texas real estate

Avoiding deceptive trade practices

Due-on-sale issues

Meeting title company requirements

Meeting lender requirements

Environmental hazards & indemnity

Joint Tenancy with Survivorship

Partition of Texas real estate

Buying and selling real estate notes

FinCEN compliance (beneficial ownership rules)

Hard-money lending in Texas

Special-purpose entity formation

Assumed names in Texas real estate

Anonymity strategies in Texas real estate

Our attorney is also a real estate broker

Information About Brokerage Services

See our 50+ articles on real estate, business law, and asset protection

Trusts for Texas Real Estate

Houston Business Lawyer

Business law consultations

Business contracts and transactions

LLC formation – traditional LLCs and series LLCs

Asset protection structures for real estate investors

Partnerships and joint ventures

Purchase and sale of Texas businesses

Purchase and sale of business real estate

Loan documentation for business borrowers, lenders, and venture capital

Sale and assignment of LLC membership interests

Registered agent services

Entity Structuring for Asset Protection

The best way to protect against litigation in Texas is to have an asset protection structure in place before trouble starts. Our entity-structuring advice is designed to achieve minimize liability, maximize anonymity, deter lawsuits, and insulate assets from judgments.

Inquire about our recommended two-company LLC structure for real estate investors. Used in combination with a living trust, the two-company structure can assist not only with anonymity but also probate avoidance for estate planning.

We are often able to simplify the way our clients do business while significantly improving their asset protection. For a visual approach, see various graphics of asset protection structures.

Series LLCs

We form both traditional and series LLCs in Texas and Nevada. We are also ready to advise you on the new Texas law relating to registered series and the effect on the wording of warranty deeds.

LLC Amendments and Conversions

If you have an existing LLC that was formed with only a minimal “one-pager” filing, we can re-document it with professional-grade Texas LLC documents and bring it current with the best in Texas asset protection law.

A properly-designed and documented LLC structure is essential for charging order protection and avoiding veil-piercing allegations.

We also handle conversions to a series LLC and from member-managed to manager-managed LLCs.

“David helped me every step of the way setting up my LLC. The process was incredibly well organized. He informed me of multiple options and provided guidance that I didn’t even realize I needed. Fees are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of service received. Highly recommend!”

David Willis with Rita Santamaria, Owner of Champions, Real Estate Schools

David Willis with Rita Santamaria, Owner of Champions Real Estate Schools

Texas Asset Protection Attorney

The asset protection review is an in-depth analysis of circumstances and goals with recommendations for action to protect assets from lawsuits. It is an essential step if a client is uncertain about how to respond to litigation or execution on a judgment.

Clients facing a lawsuit, judgment, or post-judgment discovery need expert and ongoing guidance when it comes to protecting vulnerable assets and avoiding fraudulent transfers. We utilize the Texas Constitution, the Property Code, and case law to protect the Texas homestead, wages and salaries, retirement plans, and certain personal property from execution on judgments in Texas. It is not uncommon for our asset protection planning to save a client tens of thousands of dollars.

“David’s business model is simple, efficient, and transparent, and his fees are fair and reasonable. David has tremendous knowledge of the law in his area of practice. He wrote the book!”

“Six years ago, David guided me through implementing an asset protection plan. I was sued by two major banks. Both got six-figure judgments but no one collected a dime. David knows real estate law and asset protection!”

LLC Books

We form traditional LLCs and Series LLCs in Texas and Nevada

Shelf Companies

We have a limited inventory of shelf companies that include our best anonymity and asset protection features. Shelf companies are ready for shipment to clients for whom time and quality are critical factors.

“David Willis is an excellent attorney. His online process was very efficient and easy. He obviously has this down to a science. He is by far the easiest attorney I’ve ever dealt with. I give him my highest possible recommendation without reservation.”

Confidentiality and Ethics

Your inquiry is confidential. Adherence to high standards of ethics is part of our firm philosophy. We subscribe to The Texas Lawyer’s Creed and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors.

Legal Fees

We are primarily a flat-fee office although hourly billing and retainer arrangements are available in certain cases. No fees are incurred at the initial inquiry stage.

Our introductory online consultation fee for most new clients is $250. Our regular hourly rate is usually $450. We strive for full transparency as to consultation fees and our overall schedule of fees and services.

Terms of Service

Our posted terms of service apply to all clients without exception in lieu of individual fee agreements or engagement letters.

Texas Real Estate Attorney

The principal location of the law office of David J. Willis Attorney is Houston, Texas although our practice is statewide. We serve Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County as well as Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Conroe, Galveston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, Brownsville, El Paso, and all areas of Texas. Mr. Willis counsels clients in Texas real estate law, Texas business law, and is a Texas asset protection attorney for anyone forming an entity such as a real estate partnership or joint venture, a Texas series LLC, or a Nevada series LLC.

“Words cannot express how grateful my family and I are for Mr. Willis’ work . . . Initially, we were a bit hesitant, seeing as the only method of contact with this attorney would be online. However, his professionalism, knowledge, experience and interest he showed in our case quickly changed our minds. He truly made us feel as if we were his only clients, which really made us feel at ease in this very stressful and difficult situation . . . Mr. Willis did a lot more for us via online then the attorneys we did meet in person.”

“I have used the services of David Willis for over 10 years now for my real estate needs. He is the most accomplished attorney I have found. He has developed creative but sound solutions to many potential problems that I have encountered. He responds rapidly and as you know doing real estate improperly can cost you a ton. David Willis prevents those problems and assures you do it correctly.”

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