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“As Is” in Texas Residential Transactions

March 13, 2023/by admin

Adverse Possession in Texas

February 16, 2024/by David Willis

Affidavits of Heirship in Texas

March 26, 2024/by David Willis

Anonymity in Texas Real Estate

June 10, 2024/by admin

Asset Protection in Texas

December 19, 2022/by admin

Assumed Names in Texas

March 25, 2024/by admin

Assumption Transactions in Texas

October 17, 2023/by admin

Buying and Selling Real Estate Notes

October 10, 2023/by admin

Buying or Selling a Texas Business

December 9, 2019/by admin

Charging Orders in Texas

September 22, 2020/by admin

Co-Ownership of Property in Texas

October 15, 2023/by admin

Contract Basics: Identifying the Parties and Property

October 23, 2023/by admin

Corporate Transparency Act and FinCEN Regulation

March 26, 2024/by admin

Death of a Residential Tenant in Texas

April 30, 2024/by admin

Deceptive Trade Practices In Texas Real Estate

March 25, 2024/by admin

Deeding Property to an LLC

October 19, 2023/by admin

Deeding Property to the Lender

December 10, 2019/by admin

Deeds in Texas

May 28, 2024/by admin

Disclosure Obligations of Texas Real Estate Brokers and Agents

May 23, 2023/by admin

Discovery Post-Judgment in Texas

July 25, 2021/by admin

Dodd-Frank in Texas

December 11, 2019/by admin

Due-On-Sale in Texas

June 26, 2024/by admin

Earnest Money Disputes

January 11, 2023/by admin

Equity Stripping for Asset Protection

February 23, 2024/by admin

Evictions in Texas

February 22, 2024/by admin

Executory Contracts in Texas

February 14, 2024/by admin

Federal Regulations of Higher-Priced Mortgage loans

January 7, 2020/by admin

Foreclosure in Texas

February 1, 2024/by admin

Fraud in Texas Residential Real Estate Transactions

March 27, 2024/by admin

Fraudulent Transfers in Texas

December 26, 2023/by admin

Hard-Money Lending

September 28, 2023/by admin

Homestead Protections in Texas

December 5, 2023/by admin

How to Use a Real Estate Lawyer

March 27, 2024/by admin

Introduction to LLC Tax and Banking Issues

January 10, 2020/by admin

Joint Ventures in Texas Real Estate

January 7, 2020/by admin

Judgment Liens and the Texas Homestead

January 7, 2020/by admin

Judgments in Texas

August 31, 2022/by admin

Lease-Options in Texas

March 3, 2024/by admin

Lease-Purchases in Texas Real Estate

March 3, 2024/by admin

Lien Release and Removal in Texas

January 7, 2020/by admin

Lis Pendens in Texas

September 26, 2023/by admin

Litigation in Texas: An Overview

March 25, 2024/by admin

LLC Formation in Texas

March 25, 2024/by admin

LLC Governing Documents

October 2, 2023/by admin

LLC Tax and Banking Issues: A Brief Overview

June 11, 2024/by admin

Mediation in Texas

January 13, 2020/by admin

Money Laundering In Real Estate

August 24, 2022/by admin

Mortgage Loan Fraud

August 24, 2022/by admin

Partition of Texas Property

December 26, 2023/by admin

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

January 13, 2020/by admin

Piercing the Veil in Texas

March 26, 2024/by admin

Professionalism in Electronic Communications

December 19, 2019/by admin

Redemption Issues for Investors After Purchase at a Tax Sale or HOA Foreclosure

January 13, 2020/by admin

Release and Removal of Liens Against the Texas Homestead

January 9, 2020/by admin

Residential Contracts in Texas: The Value of Special Provisions

June 7, 2024/by admin

Right of First Refusal in Texas

December 12, 2022/by admin

SAFE Act and Dodd-Frank

January 14, 2020/by admin

Sale and Assignment of LLC Membership Interests

March 25, 2024/by admin

Security Deposits in Texas Residential Leases

October 10, 2023/by admin

Seller Disclosure and the “As Is” Clause in Texas Residential Transactions

February 10, 2024/by admin

Seller Finance in Texas Residential Sales Transactions

December 11, 2023/by admin

Series LLCs in Texas: An Overview

June 3, 2024/by admin

Series LLCs in Texas: Registered Series

June 3, 2024/by admin

Seven-Day Notices in Texas Real Estate Transactions

March 27, 2024/by admin

Statute of Frauds in Texas Real Estate

February 19, 2024/by admin

Subject To Transactions in Texas

November 15, 2022/by admin

Texas Realtors Residential Lease

April 22, 2024/by admin

Texas Residential Lease Form

May 28, 2024/by admin

Title Insurance in Texas

August 17, 2023/by admin

Trusts: Basic Principals of Living Trusts

February 8, 2024/by admin

Trusts: Investor Land Trusts in Texas

March 25, 2024/by admin

Trusts: Living Trusts For The Texas Homestead

May 8, 2023/by admin

Two-Company Structure for Real Estate Investors

August 30, 2023/by admin

Wholesaling in Texas Real Estate

March 25, 2024/by admin

Wraparound Transactions in Texas

January 17, 2024/by admin

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