Firm Philosophy

David J. Willis has practiced real estate law for over 40 years. During that time he has represented all sides and all types of participants in real estate and business transactions, both large and small. This extensive experience has led to a firm philosophy based on the following elements:

  1. Each client is unique. All documents are custom-drafted to suit the circumstances and protect the interests of the client. The goal is high quality, not high volume.
  2. Professional currency is vital. Our attorney regularly attends advanced legal education seminars. Documents and procedures are continually improved and updated to assure maximum effectiveness.
  3. Creativity is not limited to artists. Legal problems should be approached with a willingness to consider creative solutions. However, needless complexity and redundancy should be avoided. Sometimes the simplest solution is best.
  4. Documents should be drafted so they can be defended in court. Documents should be drafted with an eye to defending them in court – logically, honestly, and with a straight face – before a judge or jury.
  5. Plain English. Whenever possible, documents should be written clearly in plain English and arranged in logically-labeled paragraphs.
  6. Good communications are the basis of a solid attorney-client relationship. Our attorney seeks to be available and accessible, unlike many larger firms that deal with clients mostly through assistants and paralegals.
  7. Ethics are the cornerstone of success. Solid ethics is good business. We are committed to the principles of the Texas Lawyers Creed. We also support the Code of Ethics of the National Realtors Association.