Real Estate Law

Real Estate Consultations & Documents

Consultations on Texas residential and commercial real estate issues including review/comment on TREC and TAR sales contracts, title commitments, and closing documents

Texas earnest money contracts (TREC and TAR), warranty deeds, real estate lien notes, deeds of trust, leases, liens and lien releases, assignments, options, and affidavits

Creative real estate documentation for assumptions, owner financing, wraparounds, “subject to” deals, hard-money loans, and land trusts

Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act (but excluding RMLO services)

Real estate investor documentation, including flips, “subject to” transactions, wholesaling, and wraparounds

Leases and assignment of leases for residential and commercial properties

Lien release against the homestead

Foreclosures and evictions in the Houston area

Clearing title to heirship property

Curing Schedule C title commitment issues

Real estate documents for Texas divorce settlements

Estate planning for real estate investors

Representation in Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Representation in Texas transactions involving residential real estate and commercial real estate

Combined broker/lawyer representation in the entire transaction (discounted commission)

Representation in disputes and litigation involving Texas real estate

Clearing title issues and meeting title company requirements

Representation in lender/loan matters

Hard-money Lending

Real Estate Trusts

Living trusts for the homestead and estate planning

Land trusts and anonymity trusts for real estate investors

Trusts used in conjunction with anonymity LLC formation

Entity Structuring for Real Estate Investments

Texas and Nevada LLCs

Traditional and series LLCs

General partnerships, limited partnerships, and joint ventures

View graphics of asset protection structures

Online Process

We are an email-oriented office, so our online asset protection consultations begin with an email back-and-forth dialogue between attorney and client. Our attorney’s objective is to first gather basic facts and documents, after which he can offer a legal opinion, answer questions, and advise on suggested options. This process has proven very popular with clients, because it is unrushed and the client has a written email record of the legal advice given.

Availability and Response Time

We are generally available on business days during normal office hours (Monday through Friday, 8-5 CST). Our response time is usually one to two business days from the time we receive all necessary information and payment from the client – but it can be sooner depending on our backlog.


Advance payment is required. There are a variety of available payment options including credit/debit and Paypal, as well as wire transfer and direct deposit to our operating account at Wells Fargo. If you would like a no-obligation statement prior to making payment, we will gladly provide one. Files go into our queue in the order in which payment is made.

Supporting and Background Documentation

After retaining us, please send copies of supporting documents by email or fax to (832) 201-5327. We do not open a file or save attachments until payment is made, so please wait until after you have retained us to send documents and attachments as there will be no file to put them in. Please supply only documents that are directly relevant to your legal issues.

No Tax, Bookkeeping, or Accounting Advice

Our legal counsel does not include tax or accounting advice. We are not tax advisors, nor do we have a CPA on staff. All clients are encouraged to consult a qualified CPA as part of the client’s professional team in order to be fully informed on the tax and accounting implications of a proposed asset protection structure.

Next Steps

Please complete our Client Inquiry Form. No appointment is necessary to begin the process. Our initial response will be preliminary and general in nature and not a formal legal opinion. You will then have the option of proceeding with paid legal services if you wish.

Thank you for your interest in our law firm. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Our online legal expertise saves valuable time while preserving first-rate quality

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Review from a Physician Real Estate Investor

“During some late night internet research I stumbled upon some good legal info from David J Willis. I read several pages of well written real estate law, and decided to buy his book “Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors.” Since then I’ve formed a new LLC with David, I was very impressed with the speed at which he answers questions and gets things done! Thanks David.”

Review from an Attorney Real Estate Investor

“David J. Willis is an expert in the field of asset protection. He provided excellent legal advice to me on several issues. The online process that David’s law firm utilizes is very easy to use and David responded to my questions very quickly. I am a lawyer but have no expertise whatsoever in this area of law. I will continue to be a client of David’s in the future and I highly recommend him.”